What should the droplight of the living room


Now more and more of us take feng shui seriously,
because it can really change our current situation.

When our fortune is not good,
we can change it through feng shui,

and the attention of feng shui must be all – sided.
Just like the chandelier in the living room?
So let’s take a look at the living room chandelier.

Don’t be too dim

Even if do not have relation with geomantic,
a too dark droplight also won’t let us feel comfortable,
especially at nite, that kind of feeling is faint heavy,

bad to our vision and mental state. Say so when choosing droplight, must not choose too dark,
too dark droplight also is inauspicious in geomantic learn,
so too dark droplight is not advisable.

Round chandelier

The sort of droplight is too much really now, strange and strange what shape has, but in geomantic learn we advocate circular droplight only.
The round chandelier represents a full circle in feng shui,

while some irregular chandeliers slow down our luck in feng shui.
So say on the choice of droplight as far as possible choose those round, just can be in good luck in this way.

Quantity selection of chandeliers

When choosing droplight also must notice quantity,
this thing is not nonsense, the meaning that different quantity represents also is different.
If you’re single, make the chandelier singular,
if you’re married, make the chandelier even.

Different Numbers of chandeliers give us different luck,
but also must be kept in mind.

Selection of materials

On the choice of material we had better choose those metal, or it is vitreous,
in geomantic learn these material are qualitative are very atmospheric,
can let the destiny of the host in the home ascend.

And those that are gilded are very easy to lose the paint,

and also not easy to maintain,
over time will make the house very ugly.
So don’t choose gold-plated when choosing materials.

Living room

The style above also needs to pay attention very much,
do not make a Chinese style sitting room and injure a western droplight, such word can feel neither fish nor fowl.
So when choosing must match each other, the room of Chinese style is about to use Chinese style droplight.
Conversely the house of the west USES the droplight of the west,
otherwise nondescript very easy let live a bad mood.

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