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feng shui

Feng shui is mainly divided into Yang zhai feng shui and Yin house feng shui.

 Yang zhai feng shui

YangZhai feng shui to strangers living or general office as the goal of feng shui choice, in addition to the house,

should pay attention to the left along with all the Green Dragon, right White tiger, front Phoenix, back Xuan Wu, still need to pay attention to,

including the street outside the car to the choice of size and drainage have peculiar smell long road congestion,

gate size color quality, inside line, a god put position, stoves, office seat and so on. Generally refers to the building above three levels of the unit can check, known as fengshui yangzhai.

Of course, there are few exceptions due to a rare geographical factor, which involves the profound principles of geomantic omen. Fengshui is only related to the rise and fall of a family.

Yin house feng shui

After the dead are buried, the real qi will combine with the acupoint qi to form an angry,

Through the way of communication between Yin and Yang, it has an influence on the health of the living relatives.

Yin and Yang,

When he exhales, he becomes the wind; when he ascends to heaven, he becomes a cloud.

When it came down it was rain,

What is popular underground becomes angry.

Anger runs wild underground,

When hair grows, it feeds everything. Man is the crystal of the blood of his father, so he is also the crystal of Yin and Yang. Every living person has Yin and Yang qi. After death, the body disappears, but the Yin and Yang qi do not disappear. The living person, the spirit condenses in the bone, the person dead bone is not extinguished, therefore the person dead spirit still lives.

So the burial

to find a living indoorslet the angry and deathless Yin and Yang gas combination to protect the living relatives.

The scriptures say: the dead have gas, gas can induction, affect the living.

This feeling is based on facts. For example, when the copper-producing mountain in the west collapses, the copper bell in the east rings without striking. This is induction.

Another example is that when spring comes, the trees take leaves and blossom, and the wheat seeds they keep at home automatically germinate. Gas moves underground, following the terrain as it moves and stopping as it gathers. Qiulong stone bone, flat earth ridge, are signs of qi in the movement.

The scriptures say: the air is blown away by the wind, and the water stops when it meets the upper boundary.

Ancient people gathered qi to make it not lost, and limited it to no longer run with water, so it is called feng shui. Feng shui law, water is the best, can hide the wind is the second requirement.

Why do you say that? Because even if it is grand gas movement and its residual gas stop, although scattered but deep gas also has a gathering place.

The scripture says, water flows out of the earth. When the outside air becomes the boundary water, the air in the earth naturally stops gathering, which is exactly what it means. The book says again: shallow depth get by, geomantic since become. Soil is the mother of life, there is soil to have gas. Qi is the mother of water. Therefore, hiding in dry and hot places to shallow, hidden in flat areas to deep gas.


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