The house’s Xuan Guan

 Xuan Guan

I. the material of Xuan Guan

The house’s Xuan Guan material used those opaque ones for spacing,

Because Feng shui stress “Zang Feng Na Qi”,

as long as there can achieve the wind cyclotron effect, also can achieve the effect of evil spirit.

What need to notice is the size of porch and height need and the size of door, width wants to be similar, such ability develops sufficient effect.

Two, the color of porch

In the house’s Xuan Guan position,

dark or dark colors should be avoided. Otherwise, it is easy for the villain to produce depression or extreme changes in his psychological character,

which is not conducive to the stability of the house.

In particular, the red color of “Tu Yang” and the black color of “Gu Yin” should not be used. Otherwise,

the family members will have extreme personalities, and the family members will easily quarrel with each other and get sick. Moreover,

from the perspective of feng shui,

it is also easy to provoke some supernatural phenomena if the decorations such as black and dark gray are used in the Xuan Guan.

Therefore, it is prudent to choose the decoration colors of the Xuan Guan, so as to damage the body.

Three, the house’s Xuan Guan plants

Xuan Guan plants are more suitable for leaf peeper evergreen plants, such as iron tree,

fortune tree, ivy and leaf peeper tree. And plant such as cactus thorns and roses, rhododendron etc.

Do not put in Xuan Guan, lest destroy the feng shui, and porch must remain evergreen plants, if you have withered and yellow, will be replaced as soon as possible.

Is feng shui taboo part of house’s Xuan Guan?

1. Setup of house’s Xuan Guan ceiling

Ceiling should be high and not low.

If the ceiling at n Guan is too low and feels oppressive,

it is not auspicious in feng shui, indicating that the family is oppressed and unable to come up.

If the ceiling is high, the air circulation of Xuan Guan is relatively comfortable, which is also beneficial to the air transport of the residence.

Top tone should be light and not heavy.

The color on the ceiling of n Guan should not be too deep. If the ceiling is darker than the floor, it will form a pattern of ups and downs,

heavy and light, turning the earth upside down, symbolizing the disorder of the family.

And the color of condole top compares the color of the floor is shallow, go up light bottom is heavy, this just is normal phenomenon.

2. The compartment between the  house’s Xuan Guan walls

Wall between the case shall be under the virtual reality:

in the face of the door Xuan Guan,

appropriate to lower solid wall as the foundation, solid stable,

while the upper half can be used to decorate glass, in order to fully and not ideal.

It is important to note that cannot use mirror glass,

mirror reflection usually do not facing the door, because home type will be reflected out.

The lattice between walls should be smooth. Xuan Guan is the main channel,

residence in and out of the wall and floor smooth flow unimpeded.

If the protruding rocks as Xuan Guan adornment, uneven, the house will have a lot of block, must avoid.

Floor laying

The floor of house’s Xuan Guan should be flat:

the flat floor can smooth the delivery of the house, and avoid falling. At the same time,

the floor appropriate of Xuan Guan maintains level as far as possible, should not have the cent of top and bottom.

Symbol floor color should be a deep, dark heavy, the floor color depth symbol deep roots,

conforms to the way of feng shui. If the requirement is a few brighter, usable brunet stone material all round package edge,

and the stone material with lighter color is used in the middle part. If choose to spread carpet in porch, its reason also is same,

appropriate chooses the carpet with darker color of 4 sides and lighter color in the middle.

The pattern on the floor of thehouse’s Xuan Guan is not to have a sharp Angle against the door.

The design pattern of the floor is various, but should with the content that chooses implied good fortune.

Must avoid to choose the design of those much cusp, and cusp blunt door is more absolutely unfavorable, lest domestic mouth is unpeaceful, make without mishap.

4. Set up shoe cabinets

Xuan Guan department set up shoe cabinet, is the need of life,

the matter of course. And “shoe” and “harmonic” unisonant,

have a harmonious, good, and the shoes will be a pair, it is very meaningful, families need harmonious,

tie the introductory therefore see shoes is very lucky. But even so,

the Xuan Guan set shoe ark there are still some aspects need to pay attention to. Shoe ark should not be too tall,

the height of shoe ark should not exceed householder height, if exceed this measure then improper. Shoe ark height should be the third part of the wall height, or height should be half of the head of the household.

The area appropriate of shoe ark is small unfavorable big,

appropriate short unfavorable tall.

Shoes appropriate concealment is unfavorable to show, shoe ark appropriate has a door,

if the shoe is piled up at sixes and ends and does not have a door to cover again, very hinder look forward to.

Some in Xuan Guan arrangement clever shoe ark is very elegant and natural, because have a door to cover,

look from outside so, a bit also cannot see it is shoe ark, this just accords with the way of concealment in secret.

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