Selection of homes

Selection of homes

Some feng shui issues that should be considered in the selection of homesStreets are not suitable for crossbow.

So-called street “reverse bow”,

it is to point to the street in front of the house is curved, and curved position is straight blunt the door,

geomantic learn to call it “sickle cuts the waist”,

such house is unfavorable choose and buy,

avoid it is auspicious.

God forbid. The so-called “sky cutting” refers to a narrow gap between two tall buildings. Because it seems to be cut in half with a knife,

it is called sky cutting. If the house is faced with “sky slaying”, it is likely to be bloody: the longer and narrower the space, the more distant

The more risk

Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose to face the sky decapitation housing, but if there is another building behind it to fill the gap.

Avoid arrow evil spirit.

“Arrow evil spirit” is to point to the residence outside the door to see sharp corner blunt shoot,

sharp corner like an arrow to shoot, commonly known as “arrow evil spirit”.

The house property that the criminal “arrow evil spirit” cannot be accumulated, and the reason that causes to lose money is mostly related to the following problems: Was he

Men lie and lose their wealth.

The method of transforming evil spirit should start from “heaven and earth”.

A convex mirror is hung on the lintel.

In the hall gripper position hanging with a mouth gripper animal head,

this is the humanized evil spirit.

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