Knowledge of building feng shui look at residential feng shui

How does the knowledge of building feng shui look at residential feng shui

(1) the feng shui of a house or house depends first on the surrounding environment of the building, the surrounding roads, rivers and man-made structures, and the feng shui of the whole building. The first is to look at the river and road, if there is a river and road curved around the building is auspicious, if there is a river or road bend to the roof of the building, is the reverse bow water is not auspicious, the road or river straight forward is for the arrow, not auspicious.

2. Look at the topography and topography. The building should not be built on the top of isolated mountain, or on water. You can’t build it under a cliff.

3. The cooperation between the vertical direction of the building and the surrounding hills is a problem that relates to the good or bad feng shui of the building. Whether these conditions can be used rationally or not, they need to be realized through stand-up.

4. Look around for temples, military and police departments, crematoriums, cemeteries, prisons, shrines, etc. The houses should be far away from such buildings. Generally speaking, the surrounding mountains and rivers are beautiful, and there is high water behind them and xiushui before them. The environment is clean and beautiful, with no obvious shapes. The lighting is well ventilated and peaceful.

House feng shui knowledge 5, see a building or mountain, behind the buildings are tall flat or square, garden, beautiful mountain after do for Joe to a point, low back behind or messy, vacancy, have sharp shot presses, too, such as inauspicious, front suspension pressure, block, a house, a corner building form such as a weapon, such as rush shoot is not auspicious, the front seems, scenery beautiful auspicious; Buildings on the left are generally taller than those on the right, and buildings on the right are taller than those on the left.

House geomantic knowledge 6, east west house, door model square, geomantic certain good. This has to do with changes in feng shui. Sit for instance west east, present best go in and out position is northeast gen position, but if door model is too narrow, northeast gen position probably does not exist, or do not have northeast position, this time, geomantic reflect not to come out good. So, east west of house, if door model is square, geomantic general good.

Feng shui: good feng shui for a house with lots of sunlight or light. A lot of people will be very strange, that is to say, feng shui and sunlight and light have a relation? In fact, the relationship is very direct and very close. Geomantic, what be particular about is the method that hides wind to accept gas. And among them na qi, one of them is na tianguang bai qi. So, the house feng shui is certain close friends, must have enough sunshine and the light just may accept the day light white gas. So, have the balcony or the platform of open air in the home, do not want as far as possible keep out.

(8) if the bathroom is located east or southwest, it must be good. These two azimuth say, in general now this time, it is the two azimuth of the most prosperous wealth. So if you’re looking in the middle of your home and you see water or something like that in the east or the southwest, you can add it first, and you can see the effect, it’s going to be good.

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