FengShui Elements
FengShui Elements





Home feng shui

is part of the feng shui study, it’s about people and the environment.

The study of the home feng shui is what makes it fit, appropriate, and together.

It can analyze the external environment and indoor environment of the household and look at it.

Based on the human core,

the integration of time and land integration and the results of the overall assessment, and based on the problems that arise,

we design the solutions to the problem.

Household geomantic through the choice of household environment, optimize the environment of environment,

the transformation process,

has formed a set of complete system.

Indoor air-condition articles can be place more in that room,

with the power of purifying and waking up,

the positive energy of the environment to be promote,

when placed in the proper position

can help the personal thinking power, the warm color light can enhance the fengshui elements Yang of the room air field;

Warm color light for fortune has helped.