Feng Shui Office


Everytime set up an office in your home or at work, your most important Feng Shui consideration is the placement of your desk and item on the desk..
Most important piece of furniture in your office,

Feng Shui considers the placement of your desk to be critical to your business and financial success.

If at all possible, place your desk in the Command Position, have more power to oder someone.

Accounting office

not just piled up in the article, or without clear,

be full of dust. Will not placed heating appliances such as TV, electric fan,

electric furnace, power cords, etc. The ceiling is leaking, do not fall off or tile mottled wall or floor paint.

Safety boxes

cannot be under a beam, so as not to cause it to enter. Also can’t put in conspicuous place, in order to avoid leakage.

If a beam in the finance office, the installation of the ceiling is a must,

otherwise once appear beams in the safe at the top of the situation, will appear to make the company financial problems.
Safety boxes door to the door, or the direction of the wind,

with the current can money to go to, otherwise can’t keep.

On the direction of the wind,

especially pay attention to the air conditioning and fan, air conditioner and the direction of the fan blowing,

are missing goods bearing, put in these items, pay special attention to.

If from the point of view of the five elements

, financial room or wealth in five elements of gold. In order to avoid to produce phase,

the pattern of the accounting office will never placed in heating appliances, such as electric kettle, heater, etc.,

these items are of high quantity of heat resistance properties,

in the accounting office will be formed into a pattern of fire gram of gold, is very adverse to the company’s finances.

Accounting office

is not too close to the elevator because the elevator is one of the important carrier, inhale and people,

interference is great, therefore,

accounting office asked should avoid too close to the elevator,will effect wealth .

Accounting office is located in the best money on accounting office is dealing with money,

so, the best is not the money,

and will be safe position is located in the prosperous wealth position, ensure company wealth will .

The financial manager

is a company’s financial decision wealth makers and  protector,

often also is a indispensable important members of the company’s survival and development, so his position layout is a bit cannot careless,

after the financial areas delineated,

as the head of finance department to choose an ideal aura, undisturbed office environment is the primary task.

Director of finance, accounting,

cashier personnel seat don’t straight to the front door, because if made, will lead to bad career,

poor body. And these personnel to the back of the seat,

never leaving aisle, let a person flow, it will lose money.

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