The pond in the courtyard

feng shui

Villa courtyard feng shui pool benefits

  1. Can ‘Zang Feng Ju Qi’. Fountain, swimming pool, pond and other pool to be designed as a kind of circular, shallow water all around, and to residential buildings slightly inclined to embrace (round square front).

This design, from the perspective of feng shui, can store the wind and collect the air,

Add freshness and comfort to your living space.

2, reflect the quality of the owner elegant. Feng shui says the best shape for a pond is a semicircle,

Half full as the moon,

Traditional home in front of the pond, are semicircular, take its “full moon is deficient” meaning, home owners to encourage here,

Looking forward to continuous progress, just as the ancients lian yun:

“The sea has true capacity of degree, the moon is not often full for the heart.”

  1. Easy to clean. If the fountain, swimming pool and pond are designed with a deep water groove,

This pattern is known in design as the “soup chest arc,”

The water is not easy to clean, easy to accumulate foul gas, prone to lung diseases.

4, conducive to safety.

If the fountain, swimming pool,

The pond is designed to be square, trapezoidal, and furrowed.

Is easy to form bottomless water,

It is very dangerous for people who play in the water, especially children.

The circular design is safe.

  1. Good for your health. If fountains, swimming pools, and ponds are designed with sharp corners,

And if this Angle is facing the gate,

Because of the light that reflects off the water,

Feng shui believes that such reflection will cause the owner of the house is not healthy.

In traditional feng shui

Water generally represents wealth,

The proper arrangement of “water” in the yard.

And the wealth of the homeowner.

People may not believe it, but in modern architecture,

The arrangement of water is also closely related to its construction method,

Determine the safety of the residence and so on. So in the construction of the yard,

Consider the “water” arrangement in many ways.

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