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Housing exterior to founder in Feng Shui

Why should the housing exterior to founder in Feng Shui, only the founder of the house can be a good way to adopt four gas, once the housing long or irregular is dangerous. But in the modern architecture, some buildings need to design, build a lot of houses. In this house, you need the layout […]

Build houses in the surrounding railway area

Why not build property  in the surrounding area that residential public transport next to the traffic will be very convenient, that is good ? the fact is not the case. The railway itself on both sides of residential little influence on Feng Shui, Feng Shui is the main factors influencing the roaring train. The rushing […]

  Residential location

       Residential location to the rich,not poor, dilapidated and messy surrounding residential environment is very important, the surrounding environment and greening, rivers and mountains are not specifically, including the surrounding facilities, units and function in this area. In general, the residential location is best to rich, not poor, dilapidated and messy. The surrounding […]

Topographic roads should be simple and smooth around the residential roads

Residential road must simple Topographic roads should be simple and smooth around the residential roads you often have to go through, so the choice of roads is very important. The most basic point is that the road to residential should be simple and smooth without complicated bending. The pavement in front of the house should […]

Reflective light

Why can’t the housing around the reflective light with particular emphasis on reflecting the large fierce, the past is more reflective housing around the pond, the water caused by. The reflective indoor, resulting in instability of shaking light, make people unconsciously nervous, for a long time, easy to make people often produce absentminded illusion. Now […]

“Daylighting” and “Sunshine” important in Geomancy

Why should the sunny outside environment in the modern view of Feng Shui, a residential with ample sunshine, air flow, is to have the best Feng Shui, so the surrounding residential environment and the lighting condition is very important. First of all, we need to separate “daylighting” and “sunshine”. Lighting refers to a room as […]

The meaning of the living room

In our daily life, if we learn and master some feng shui knowledge, it will be of great help to our personal development. Today we talk about the family can assure oneself the sitting room that money moves is decorated after all what secret? The meaning of the living room Geomancy has words, the sitting […]