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院中养鱼要建在一定卦方位才为旺 阳宅风水中屋前的聚水称为招财风水位。 在风水的形状对住宅的吉凶有非常大的影响, 水在屋前或屋后, 其距离形状影响着住宅的吉凶。 判断卦位的吉凶要看水能否为住宅所用, 需要合理气和峦头,龙虎砂为催丁旺财局, 若有益于住宅则吉生旺气。 另外,来水要明,去水则宜暗, 这是指钱财应取之明明白白,财源滚滚, 又能聚财,也即去水要暗。 怎样的池塘才算好呢?在风水理论中, 水贵弯曲有情,忌水的直射冲击, 如果不讲距离,只论形状的话, 较好的是半月形池塘,屋前有此塘则主钱谷丰盈, 古诀曰:片钱半月塘,财谷百千仓。 最好的风水池塘形如方砚池,诀曰: 前池塘似砚池,子孙登高第,池塘清犹如镜, 贵生聪明子。但不管如何, 池或塘的形状和方位皆要讲究方能获吉。 住宅前面的风水池若为带状的称为玉带, 指既能聚财又能升官,富贵双全也。 故不要为了气派或好看,乱建造水池塘。 风水学中特别强调反光为大凶, 过去的反光多是房屋周围的池塘、 河流造成的。河水反光入室, 产生不稳定的晃动的光影, 使人不自觉地精神紧张, 时间一长, 易使人时常产生恍惚的错觉。 现在都市中许多建筑采用玻璃幕墙, 从而会对邻近建筑形成反光。 若是房屋周围有此类反光, 良好气场会被破坏, 居住其中的人易产生烦躁冲动情绪和心神不宁。 所以在达到采光要求的同时, 房屋周围不宜有产生反光的事物。

Build houses in the surrounding railway area

Why not build property  in the surrounding area that residential public transport next to the traffic will be very convenient, that is good ? the fact is not the case. The railway itself on both sides of residential little influence on Feng Shui, Feng Shui is the main factors influencing the roaring train. The rushing […]

  Residential location

       Residential location to the rich,not poor, dilapidated and messy surrounding residential environment is very important, the surrounding environment and greening, rivers and mountains are not specifically, including the surrounding facilities, units and function in this area. In general, the residential location is best to rich, not poor, dilapidated and messy. The surrounding […]

Topographic roads should be simple and smooth around the residential roads

Residential road must simple Topographic roads should be simple and smooth around the residential roads you often have to go through, so the choice of roads is very important. The most basic point is that the road to residential should be simple and smooth without complicated bending. The pavement in front of the house should […]

“Daylighting” and “Sunshine” important in Geomancy

Why should the sunny outside environment in the modern view of Feng Shui, a residential with ample sunshine, air flow, is to have the best Feng Shui, so the surrounding residential environment and the lighting condition is very important. First of all, we need to separate “daylighting” and “sunshine”. Lighting refers to a room as […]

What are the feng shui requirements if you hang a picture in your living room?

What photo  or drawing is a kind of household adornment that is very popular in our country culture all the time, ancient times likes to hang calligraphy write happy ,reunion and painting in the home more, and contemporary family likes to hang landscape and geomantic picture in the home mostly. Besides want to have beautiful […]

What should the droplight of the living room

Now more and more of us take feng shui seriously,because it can really change our current situation. When our fortune is not good,we can change it through feng shui, and the attention of feng shui must be all – sided.Just like the chandelier in the living room?So let’s take a look at the living room […]

What kind of geomantic meeting lets a person mood be agitated

Geomancy important With the increasing of social pressure, all market in low time, now young people in society is not only to struggle, and the family of all kinds of pressure, often appear the mood be agitated, but in addition to these social pressure, can let a person mood be agitated, the arrangement of the […]